Zion National Park

High Holidays at The New Shul

The Mukhtar of the Bedouin village Dir A-Tin and Rabbi Arik Ascherman on Tisha B’Av

The South Hebron Hills in Palestine

From The Chronicles of New York City by JR

A beautiful summer Niggun by New Shul musical director, Yonatan Gutfeld

A piece of Goya’s Those Specks of Dust depicting an a ceremony of judgement before execution during the inquisition

Modern day Levites Eden Bareket, Eran Fink, Ran Livneh and Samir Langus performing at the Kumah Festival

Isolated Rock, Gustave Courbet

Rabbi Misha Shulman

Born and raised in Jerusalem, Misha has been working at the cusp of religion, art, activism and education for over twenty years. Rabbi of The New Shul and SCJ.

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